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Kit Building Information

Plastic Kits:

Plastic kits are the most familiar to everyone and also offers the greatest variety of choices including airplanes, ships, cars, trucks and even the human body.  These can range in difficulty from easy with only a few parts for young children to extremely complicated with hundreds of parts.  Plastic kits have been hugely popular in the past.  They are great for learning and recreation.  They can even be worked on in cooperation as a great way for parent and child to have fun.

The difficulty of a kit depends on:
  • Complexity of the model - number of parts
  • Sizes of the parts - small requiring tweezers or large that you can hold in your hands
  • pre-colored plastic or if the model requires painting
  • kit bashing and customizing - building your own unique models from available parts and sometimes making your own parts

Recommended tools:

  • Small clippers for cutting the parts off the sprews*
  • Sharp hobby knife like an Exacto knife for cleaning the parts
  • Glue - type of glue can depend on the plastic used for the kit.  Model Cement for ABS type plastics is the most common.
  • Clamps - small hobby clamps to hold parts together while glueing
  • Paint (if not pre-colored parts)  Most plastic kits do require painting. 

    For more information on plastic kit building, we suggest contacting the International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS)  The club also has regional chapters and shows for the modeler.

Metal Kits

Metal kits are usually done in small runs of white metal.  White metal is a soft low temperature metal usually of only a few hundred degrees.  White metal kits require different glues, paints and tools.

Recommended tools:

  • Assorted files - jewelers files work great
  • Sharp hobby knife like an Exacto knife for non-metal parts in kit (plastic windshields, etc)
  • Soldering iron (optional depending on kit) - some kits have large heavy parts that require more strength than glue can provide.
  • Clamps - small hobby clamps to hold parts together while glueing or soldering
  • Glue - Epoxies or CA glues.
  • Paints - primers and finish coats


Resin Kits

Resin kits are different than plastic kits.  Resin


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