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DreamWorks Department

DreamWorks Animation LLC Dreamworks

Madagascar - set of 4: Giraffe, hippo, lion, zebr
Sku: DPMAD100 Type: figures, set of 4
Scale: 1:0 Price $10.00 In Stock:  Yes  
Set of 2: Verne and RJ wagon set
Sku: DPOTH100 Type: plastic figure
Scale: 1:0 Price $8.00 In Stock:  Yes  
Shrek - sits cross-legged eating eyeballs, spider
Sku: DPSHREK101 Type: vinyl figure
Scale: 1:0 Price $8.00 In Stock:  Yes  
Shrek & Donkey - playing tug of war
Sku: DPSHREK102 Type: plastic figure
Scale: 1:0 Price $10.00 In Stock:  Yes  
Shrek - stands smiling, hands on hips
Sku: DPSHREK103 Type: figure
Scale: 1:0 Price $6.00 In Stock:  Yes  
Puss'N Boots - stands twirling his mustache
Sku: DPSHREK104 Type: figure
Scale: 1:0 Price $6.00 In Stock:  Yes  
Chomping Lenny - mouth opens to reveal fish inside
Sku: DPSHT101 Type: figure - plastic
Scale: 1:0 Price $9.00 In Stock:  Yes  


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